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Why Choose Hydros
Why Choose Hydros

Your Choice for Plumbing and Heating in North Battleford

Our Roots

Like the owner Dave Schamber who was born and raised in the Battlefords, Hydros was grown in the Battlefords from the ground up. In 2008 Hydros Plumbing & Heating was created organically and then grew with intention. We have always been a smaller company that has always delivered big things. We are big on respect, responsibility, quality and craftsmanship.

Our Employees

Employees are the heart and soul of any business. At Hydros we value our employees, they are the most important aspect to our operation. We encourage everyone to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. That’s why we work hard to make sure the experience of the employee is a great one. Hydros is proud to offer full benefits at no cost to our employees because health is the most important thing in a person’s life. Also each employee has the opportunity to take advantage of our athletic benefits, the athletic benefits can be a gym membership or any membership that encourages physical health and we strongly promote this! The healthier our people are, the healthier our business is.

We also take pride in our work and our safety program. It is important to make sure that everyone takes safety seriously, and that is why we have implemented a safety system that is monitored weekly, and held to a high standard. We want everyone to make it home safe to his or her family every day. Another thing our benefits offer is a full rebate on tuition; this really makes the process of going to school a lot easier for the student.

We offer a lot to our employees and we also expect a lot in return.

We expect accountability and responsibility from each and every one of them. We expect that our employees be professional and always be at the top of their game. We expect and encourage our people to be well versed in the plumbing and heating industry. Our employees are professionals and are here to offer a comfortable experience to our customers. Our employees are clean, courteous, and knowledgeable.

Our goal is to train our employees in an encouraging environment to be the best they can be! Hydros employees are expected to go to school and become Red Seal Journeymen in their trades, almost all employees who start with Hydros Plumbing as apprentices become Journeymen with Hydros.

Our Customers

Since 2008 Dave Schamber and Hydros Plumbing have proudly catered to the needs of the Battlefords and area. We are happy to have worked with countless businesses, residents and contractors. Without our customers we would be nowhere. Hydros have been trusted to manage a large variety of projects, from simple to complicated. We look forward to continuing to support our community the way it has supported us! We will do just about anything to help our customers out. We are dedicated to clear communication, accuracy and accountability

Personalized Services

As trained professionals, our technicians are passionate about helping our clients get the services they need. Owner David Schamber is involved in every project from start to finish. We’ll sit down with you and come up with the project plan that works for your situation.

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